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DAS - Direct Access Scheme

This is where all the fun begins!

Direct access training

Once you have passed your CBT, and if you are either between the ages 17-21 or 21 and older then you can move forwards with your training, with either the Accelerated 125 (17-21) or Direct Access Scheme (DAS) 21 yrs or above.

Accelerated 125 Course (taking your test on a 125cc bike)

With the Accelerated 125 course you will learn to ride on and take your test on a 125cc or 33.6bhp motorcycle.


DAS Course (taking your test on a 500cc bike)

With the DAS course you will learn to ride on and take your test on a 500cc or 44.6bhp motorcycle. Whichever course is for you, the test is the same regardless, and the only difference is the motorcycle on which you take the test.Our courses usually require 12hours upwards of

training to bring you up to test standard and after your first lesson we will allocate you one of our prebooked tests and then tailor the course to suit your needs based on your availability and ability. The lessons are then spread as evenly as possible between then and your test.

Contact us to get you started
What is involved ?
Our DAS Training includes:
  1. Slow Speed Manoeuvres
  2. Roundabouts
  3. Left & Right Turns
  4. 'U' Turns
  5. Emergency stops
  6. Hill starts
  7. Dual Carriageway Riding
  8. Town riding
  9. Pre test questions and answer session
  10. Visit to the test centre so you know what to expect

About the training

We promote an easy and relaxed approach to training regimes being spread over a few weeks rather than a few days helping to create better riders who not only pass their test the first time but remain good riders after the test as well.


The costs:

Please note: Prices are subject to change so please contact us for the latest prices. For training we work on a "pay as you go basis" so no hefty pay outs to incur.

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