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CBT - Compulsory Basic Training


Most learner motorcycle and moped riders must take compulsory basic training (CBT) before riding on the road. You then have to pass your full motorcycle test within 2 years or you’ll have to take CBT again..

When you don’t need to take CBT

If you passed your car driving test before 1 February 2001 you don’t need to take CBT to ride a moped.

Mopeds have a maximum engine size of 50cc and a maximum speed of approximately 31mph..

Your starting point to a life of motorcycle riding

Before you can legally ride on the road you must complete a CBT to accompany your provisional licence

About the Compulsory Basic Training

What to bring:

Mototcycle Taining CBT
  • A current licence with your provisional entitlement (for old style licences you will need a passport or proof of ID).Cat P for 16-17 years old for a moped, Cat A for 17 years old and above for a 125cc motorcycle.
  • Make sure you bring both parts (its on the paper part, left hand side - CLICK HERE to see an example.) and remember,no licence no training
  • Suitable clothing: Jacket and jeans Gloves and helmets if you have them. Please note that no tinted visors are allowed
  • We have an onsite American Themed Diner, selling Burgers, Shakes, Snax and Canned Drinks, with a specially reserved area to practise your theory online. Of course you are very welcome to bring your own food.
  • Most importantly, a good sense of humour!
Motorcycle Training

What CBT involves

Compulsory basic training (CBT) has 5 elements:

You’ll move from one element to the next when your trainer is happy you’ve:

How many people you’ll train with


You might train with other learners.

CBT certificate of completion

When you complete compulsory basic training (CBT) to at least the minimum standard, you’ll get a certificate of completion – also called a DL196.

Your certificate of completion lets you ride a moped or a motorbike up to 125cc on the road with L plates for 2 years (L or D plates in Wales).


If you haven’t passed your full motorcycle test in 2 years, you’ll need to take CBT again.

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