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Got a license? Haven't ridden for a while and want to refresh?

This course will be tailor made depending on an assessment of your skill level and requirements.

Been out of the saddle for a long time?

Motorcycles have been changing rapidly over the years, modern day motorcycles are considerably more powerful and advanced than the motorcycles of years gone by with completely different handling characteristics which mean it can potentially be dangerous for someone who has not ridden in a few years to return to the saddle. Why take the risk on your own? Let us help by taking a 2hour lesson with one of our trained instructors to help ensure your safety and confidence on the roads returns to it's former glory whilst minimizing the risks in the meanwhile.

Were you unfortunate enough to suffer an accident or incident which has knocked your confidence?

It's perfectly natural and even more common for riders of all ages male or female to have their confidence on the roads knocked after an accident or bad experience. Don't worry you're not alone and we can help you! Make your first return to the open roads under the care and supervision of one of our trained instructors who will do their best to help you identify what caused the incident and how it could be avoided (whether it was your fault or not) or simply just take a couple hours to have a relaxing ride in the country side with the safety of an instructor to help ease those nerves. Whatever you need the 2 hours can be tailored to help!

Simply want to brush up on your riding technique to ensure your safety?

Something you're not sure on after passing your test? Something that you feel you could improve upon? Or just want to see if there's any area in which you can improve your riding to ensure your safety on the open roads? Take a 2 hour lesson with one of our instructors where you can have all your questions answered and practice whatever you feel is important to you.

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